Viognier: My Favorite “Fall Weather” White

Sep 24, 2015

Shortly after becoming interested in wine is when I discovered my love for Viognier. My Sommelier studies brought me to the South of France, where I found myself walking through a Viognier vineyard in the 2nd week of October, just days before the harvest was set to take place. I will never forget that experience…. Read more »

The Significance of When to Harvest

Aug 31, 2015

The 2015 grape harvest is officially underway for some of the wine regions in the Northern Hemisphere. There has been a great deal of talk about the timing of this years harvest, specifically in Napa, which began on July 22nd when the sparkling wine producer Mumm brought in 12 tons of Pinot Noir. This stands… Read more »

The Birth and Sustainability of Pinotage

Aug 05, 2015

Pinotage is a grape that was once considered the savior of the South African wine trade. A grape born in South Africa from a crossing of two classic French varietals (Pinot Noir and Cinsault), that if grown well could potentially have all the elegance of great red Burgundy and the rustic charm of the Languedoc… Read more »

Understanding the Wine Label: What defines an Old Vine?

Jul 16, 2015

The reality behind the term “Old Vine” is that there is no absolute definition. When you see a bottle of wine with the words “Old Vines” on it, it’s meant to suggest more about the vineyard than the contents of the bottle. The grapes that went into this wine are special because this vineyard is… Read more »

South African Viticulture: From the Beginning

Jul 07, 2015

Before we can start focusing on where the current state of viticulture and winemaking is in South Africa, we need to understand our roots. Who were the first people to plant vines, nurture them, harvest the grapes, and press them into wine? Understanding history provides perspective and it is with remarkable accuracy, thanks to a… Read more »

Syrah and your Grill: A match made in Heaven

Jun 10, 2015

Whether you prefer to call it Syrah or Shiraz, you’re speaking about the same dark skinned grape varietal. Born in the Southeast of France, from the crossing of two relatively obscure grapes (Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche) is the varietal that I find closest to my heart. The most significant varietal in France’s Northern Rhône Valley,… Read more »

I Want Your Job

May 26, 2015

“I want your job” is a phrase that a Sommelier hears fairly often. Could be from a guest that happens to spot a tasting under way with a wine distributor where a number of bottles are opened in the hope that one will stand out and make the list.  Or possibly at the point when… Read more »

Second Glass Podcast

Mar 11, 2015

Click to listen to Tyler Balliet talk to people from all corners of the wine industry.

Live Q & A with Blue Crane Imports

Apr 01, 2014

Via Second Glass’ Facebook page Q: Do you have wines that are to be better with age or should they be consumed young Blue Crane Imports: Good morning Danielle. The oldest vintage we carry is 2009, which is generally regarded as a superior year. Some, such as The Max, a Bordeaux-style blend from Stony Brook… Read more »